Welcome to a special edition of the #ODPH podcast blog, “Parlay Points”. As you’ve heard mentioned on the podcast, the Binghamton Bulldogs are making another deep run in the ABA Basketball Playoffs.

The Bulldogs welcome the Worcester 78’s to “the Dawg Pound” for their last home game of the season this Saturday night:

March 23rd - 7:05pm - Davis College - 400 Riverside Dr, Johnson City, NY 13790. Ticket info: binghamtonbulldogs.com/tickets

with the winner advancing to face the Syracuse Stallions in the ABA East regional finals.

Jim Evans, the Binghamton Bulldogs president was gracious to grant us some time to have an interview with us before the big game

ODPH: The first year with the Bulldogs was a huge success. The 2017-2018 season brought a 20-win season with a deep run in the ABA Playoffs. Going into the 2nd season, what were some of the early expectations you had for the team?

JIM EVANS: After forming the roster we anticipated another terrific season. Getting leaders like CC and Ralph Bucci back, adding a player like Joel Patch from the start of the season and opening up the middle for Derek was a key focus for our roster as we tried to become a true 4 out/1 in team. 

ODPH: From a business standpoint, what were the biggest challenges/differences from last season to now?

EVANS: From a business standpoint - The venue change to Davis has been great - but tricky - and offers some parking challenges that it took some customers awhile to get used to. We also booked too many Sunday games, our turnout is much better on Friday nights and Saturday nights....But in the end our fan-base has adjusted and showed up nonetheless and has been tremendous. The fans love our players. 

ODPH: That being said, with those differences, how would you describe the 2018-19 season?

EVANS: Its been a dream come true. The team is playing at a very high level at playoff time and we are right where we want to be. 

ODPH: One notable story from this season has been the emergence of Chris Cartwright. Describe what he represents to the team & organization?

EVANS: Chris is our leader and has really turned into the face of our organization. He is a tremendous human being, he interacts with fans. On the court he is tough, hard-nosed and gritty - exactly what I want the Bulldogs to represent. 

ODPH: During the course of the season, there have been some changes to the roster. No bigger moves have impacted more than the additions of Jonny Marsh, Brandon Alexander & Caron Hill. Since their arrival to the Bulldogs, they’ve added a new energy to the team. No bigger game this showed than defeating Syracuse for the 1st time. How would you describe their impact on the team?

EVANS: Huge. Jonny and Brandon have been huge impacts scoring the basketball on our second unit and Caron has provided some more tough inside presence to go along with Mike Mccoy in our second group. That 2nd unit has dominated other 2nd units all season.  

ODPH: Is it official to say Syracuse is the Bulldogs’ true rival in the ABA? 

EVANS: Going into the season I would Scranton, but with Syracuse's success this year I feel safe saying yes they have morphed into our rival. 

ODPH: When we spoke last year, you said your favorite memory was defeating Jersey in the regional championship. Can we say this season (thus far) it was defeating Syracuse or is there another favorite moment of this year’s season?

EVANS: TBA on this answer - I have a strong feeling my favorite 2019 moment is yet to come. 

ODPH: This Saturday, The Worcester 78’s come into town. It’s the first time playing them in team history. Obviously, no game strategies will be given out here so describe what the crowd atmosphere and team’s mindset will be going into that game.

EVANS: We are expecting a sellout crowd. Worcester is a great team who plays the same way we do. They play 4-out/1-in. Very guard heavy with a couple strong inside post presences. that rotate in and out for each other. It should be a tremendous game. 

ODPH: Any Final thoughts/plugs/shout-outs to close out?

EVANS: Thanks to our fans who have been amazing all season in supporting our team....to our players for laying it all on the line every week....and to our media like the OPDH who does such a great job covering us! 

We can’t thank Jim Evans enough for the time to speak with the ODPH this week & wish the Bulldogs the best of luck for the rest of the ABA Playoffs. Thanks for reading!

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