Stranger Things Season 3 (SPOILER FREE)

Stranger Things Season 3 is up on Netflix right now after over a year of waiting and right from the start I wanna say it did not disappoint. This is a spoiler free review for those of you who haven't seen it or finished it.

The season takes place over a year after Season 2 and life in Hawkins is now fairly normal. The gate has been shut and everyone is off doing their own thing. Eleven and Mike are dating, much to Hopper's annoyance. Max and Lucas are also dating, leaving Will out in the cold by myself as he struggles to hold onto his childhood memories. Dustin is coming back from a month Summer camp and he too as a girlfriend, albeit long distance.

So yup, apart from Will, things are going well for our group of que the Russians because no 80s themed show is complete without a bunch of references to that time!

The season in my opinion was better than 2. It was much better paced and didn't have any episodes that felt filler. Only complaint was a slow start but I didn't care because the characters are all so well done that you don't care about spending time with them. It also did a great job at throwing in the 80s nostalgia without hindering the story.

I'm going to give Stranger Things S3 an A

Hopefully we won't have to wait as long for S4 but you can bet I'll be ready and excited for it. Until next time guys, Signal Out!