Umbrella Academy Vol. 2

Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 is written and drawn by the same creative team as the first one. The story picks up shortly after the first volume. The Academy is in ruins. Rumor can't talk after her throat was cut and is now living in a bunker beneath the ruined mansion along with an incoherent White Violin and an obese Spaceboy. Kraken is hunting criminals, Seance is doing his own thing and Number 5 is ambushed by time traveling assailants who send deadly assassin's Hasel and Cha-Cha to take out Number 5 unless he fullfills an assassination he was supposed to complete on 11/22/63.

As someone pointed out to me before I read this, this comic has aspects that made it into the first season of the show, specifically dealing with Hasel and Cha-Cha and the time agency Number 5 worked for before he returned to the present. I don't really want to say to much else as the comic does have some fun moments I want you guys to see for yourself, and it has a really good one shot at the end of the book that helps develop Kraken's character a bit and shows some of his past with Vanya and explains why one of the most cut throat of the academy couldn't kill Vanya when given the chance.

I felt this comic was a little weaker than it's predecessor. It wasn't bad by any means and am excited for the Oblivion Hotel tpb that comes out in September, but overall the story was simply the Academy had to once again stop the apocalypse but it wasn't as strong without the cause of the apocalypse being the result of one of their own.

I'm giving Umbrella Academy a B-.

Sorry this took a little longer to get out but I hope you enjoyed as always and until next time, Signal Out.