Tokyo Ghost

Tokyo Ghost is an Image Comic mini-series written by Deadly Class author Rick Remender and drawn by Sean Murphy (Batman: White Knight). This Cyberpunk comic takes place in Los Angeles in the year 2089 and at this point most of humanity has given themselves over to technology, preferring to live off a virtual high then deal with the harsh reality around them.

Debbie Decay is one of the only people in L.A. who lives without any sort of tech enhancement while her boyfriend, Teddy Denis, is a tech-enhanced killing machine who is barely aware of the world around him, including Debby. The two work as constables who are responsible for acting as "lawmen". Determined to get her boyfriend clean, Debbie and Led capture a cyber terrorist in order to get safe passage to Tokyo, the last tech-free country in the world. However, as you could imagine, it doesn't end up being that simple, otherwise we wouldn't exactly have a story.

I picked this comic up mainly because of the team behind it and also because I'm very excited for the new Cyberpunk 2077 video game coming out next year so I was craving something of the genre. This was a fun read but it was somewhat forgettable. It had a good message at how we are becoming more and more dependent on technology and sometimes choose to ignore what goes on around us in the real world which I thought I was important. The action was also great but it's Murphy drawing it so no shock there. Other than that, the characters aren't stellar and kind of bland at times. There were also alot of serious WTF moments that had me really questioning if they were necessary.

I'm giving Tokyo Ghost a C+

Thanks always for reading guys. Next review is probably going to be Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 and I hope to have that up by week's end. Until then, Signal Out!