Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite

Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite is written by Gerard Way and drawn by Gabriel Ba. The story follows 7 children born with special powers as they reunite after their adoptive father's death to combat the apocalypse.

I got this comic after watching the Netflix show of the same name and wanted to know how much they stuck to the source material. I will say where the show took a much more grounded approach with the story, the comic is a full on comic. There are aliens and robots destroying things left and right while secret cults plot to destroy the world through music. It's a fun read for sure but is quite different from the show.

In the comic, Vanya has her powers revealed to her by a musician cult who seek to bring about the end of the world rather than have her powers shown to her by a disgruntled fan of the Umbrella Academy. The cult also has to unlock her powers through science rather than just simply take away the medications her adopted father gave her. The climax with Vanya is definitely different as Number 5 ends up shooting her in the head to stop her from killing everyone.

The comic isn't as good as explaining the teams powers in my opinion. If I hadn't watched the show, I wouldn't have really know what Seance or Kraken do for their abilities. But overall the story is fairly similar to the show and both forms are very entertaining.

I'm giving Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 a B.

Guys thanks always for reading and stay tuned for the next review. Until then, Signal Out.