Deadly Class Vol 3

So with Deadly Class getting cancelled (yeah not happy about that) I wanted to review Volume 3 of Rick Remender & Wes Craig’s awesome series. So Volume picks up right where the show ends for those of you are interested in continuing the series. NOTE THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS!

Deadly Class Volume 3 picks up right where the show ends, with Maria and Marcus cornered by Chico’s father and Lex getting popped in the head. Marcus and Maria are escape from Chico’s dad and his goonies have an epic showdown on a bridge where Maria confronts her past. Eventually Chico’s father is killed and Maria and Marcus decide to continue their relationship.

However, shortly after their return to King’s Dominion, Maria goes missing and Marcus spirals ever further downward. Eventually, he is all by himself, after driving away Saya and Willie (who have started seeing each other), and even driving away Billie. His only friend is Petra, who he sleeps with after getting high in an effort to escape his depression.

Spoilers end there. This book sets up so much for book 4 which I can’t wait to get my hands on. Remender continues to excel at creating such flawed yet intriguing characters who are thrown into all kinds of situations they’d rather not be in as they struggle to find some sense of purpose.

I’m giving Deadly Class Vol 3 an A.

Thanks always for reading. With the show getting canceled, expect to see more Deadly Class reviews over the coming weeks. Until next time, Signal Out.