Monstress: The Awakening

Monstress is an Image comic written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda. The comic is set in a fantasy/steampunk world and follows Maika Halfwolf as she struggles to find answers about the death of her mother.

You can tell from the first issue that Liu really took her time crafting this fantasy world. There are two factions at war; the humans, lead by the ruthless Mother Superior, and the Arcanics, a race of humanoid animals. The story is female driven and does a great job at exploring social issues in the real world while not halting the story. As stated earlier, Maika Halfwolf is seeking answers to why her mother was murdered while also trying to contain a dark power festering inside her that causes her to feast upon nearby prey when she loses control.

The artwork in this book is amazing. Looking more like a manga than a traditional comic, Takeda's art truly brings this epic world to life and helps give it it's own look and feel from other fantasy world's.

If I have one compliant with the book it's that the world feels VERY in depth at times and starting out it is very hard to understand who people are and what subfaction they belong too and it can cause you to do a double take when a character is reintroduced at times.

I'm going to give Monstress: The Awakening a B+.

Guys thanks always for reading. If there are any comics you want me to review, leave a comment on Facebook and I'll look into it. Until next time, Signal out!