The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House was created by Mike Flanagan and is based on the 1959 Gothic Literature Novel by Shirley Jackson. The show follows a family, consisting of five siblings in their father, as they struggle to confront horrors from their past revolving around a house they lived in a while back.

This show came out a while ago and I’ve only now finished it and I wish I had watched it right when it came out. This show is what a horror movie/show should be. It has suspense and terror with well developed characters who you can relate too, and great story pacing. The horror aspects aren't always supernatural either. The moments I found myself jumping at the most are the characters own personal demons and how they deal with them.

The actors, both the kids and their adult counterparts, all do a fantastic job with their roles, making you really care what happens to them and adding to the suspense of a scene when their in dangerous situations.

I'm going to give Haunting of Hill House an A+.

Guys thanks always for reading. I wanted to do this review, even if it was short, so as to give an update that the next comic review is on it's way. I just finished the first volume of the comic Monstress and will have the review done up by the end of the week. See you guys then!