Welcome back to another edition of the ODPH’s Wrestling Recap. There’s been quite a few stories this week so let’s just right in. Remember to give our friends over at 3FN a listen on their wrestling podcast: (https://pods8122.podbean.com)

*AEW had their Fyter Fest on Saturday night. The show started HOT with a great 3-way tag in the pre-lims, but it really nose dived after that for the preshow. The main card was good with some notable highlights:

-Darby Allin crazy back bump off the apron & Cody’s unprotected Head Chair shot in a time limit draw. Allin was put over HUGE while Shawn Spears (fka Tye Dillenger) gave a chair shot that the chair didn’t function properly on impact. IMO, no need for those shots to tell a story (along with apron bumps).

-MJF is the future of AEW His promo work speaks volumes. Good 4 way match for him, Jungle Boy, Jimmy Havoc & Adam Page.

-Elite vs. Lucha Bros/Laredo Kid was what you would expect of those 6.

-Moxley vs. janela lived up to the hype. If nothing else from his time in AEW, Moxley genuinely looks happy to be wrestling again. Crazy bumps and cuts from these 2. Entertaining to say the least.

The show wasn’t All In pt 2, but it was a decent show. Production work is STILL an issue.

*For WWE, RAW WAS GREAT! From the opening destruction “HOLY SH*T” moment with Braun & Lashley to a Street Profits appearance to Maria & Mike Kanellis on the show (in a really odd angle, but at LEAST they were on), Raw felt new & fresh. Something it hasn’t looked like in WEEKS!

*There still were bad moments (Anything Shane BITW/Lacey Evans & Corbin vs. Brollins) but it closed very strong: AJ Styles vs. Ricochet with a HEEL turn for AJ & a reuniting of “The Club” with Gallows & Anderson! Under new creative writing, this has $$$$ written all over it. One piece needs to be added: Finn Balor. Make it happen WWE!

*Smackdown was more of the same SD we’ve had past few weeks. Bischoff hasn’t started yet but it was tough to match RAW.

*NXT is NXT. Always consistent in its work. Strong vs. Breeze was fun & continues their feud, while Adam Cole (BAY BAY) continues to flex his heel chops with a great segment involving Johnny Gargano’s hometown. Amazing work.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!