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Welcome back for another pro-wrestling recap. This will be a fairly short blog this week, but as always, check #3FNW for some more wrestling coverage:

*For all the hype of a “Wrestlemania” type event, WWE didn’t deliver on a super show on Friday. For the past few weeks, both Raw & Smackdown have been trying (and failing) to build any hype for the Saudi Arabia show. When the key selling point is The Undertaker vs. Goldberg (at this stage in their careers), it’s not exactly making it a must watch unless you love the nostalgia factor

*Start with RAW: Brock Lesnar showed up and *almost* cashed in on Seth Rollins, but decided to wait until….FRIDAY! Lesnar did a great job of beating down Rollins, but after that…show really didn’t have a huge buzz to it, except for “Muscle Man Dance” by Bray Wyatt. I have no idea wtf they’re doing with Bray but at least it’s entertaining. More promo work from Triple H & Randy Orton with a close out by the Taker, who appeared to have been cut off at the end? were other moments from the show.

*On the SD side, more of the same with Taker & Goldberg having their faceoff to end the show. I’m not sure what’s exactly going on with Roman/Usos vs Shane/drew McIntyre/Revival but if it ends those awful comedy promos on the revival, let it happen. Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi has been better than expected.

*Lars Sullivan doesn’t equal ratings, but R-Truth vs. Drake Maverick for the 24/7 title is slowly becoming must-watch moments.

*So onto Friday. Andrade vs. Finn Balor was as good as you would expect between these two. Shane McMahon beat Roman Reigns. Not a typo. Not loving anything about this feud. Orton beat Triple H which made sense at this stage. HHH is an executive while Orton is still (somewhat) wrestling. Shane should take notes. Mansoor (who’s appeared on NXT) won the huge battle royal & received a HUGE pop from the crowd.

*And now….the “Main event”…. No dream match, just a nightmare. Lots of miscues & unsafe bumps hurt anything noteworthy about this match. How both of these guys didn’t come out seriously injured after the match is a miracle. If this were the late 90’s/early 2000’s, this is a great match. The year is 2019. Both men are past prime due to age. Just an awful match that hopefully never happens again.

*Speaking of never again, Kota Ibushi - PLEASE NEVER TAKE AN APRON GERMAN SUPLEX ON YOUR HEAD AGAIN!!!! This near fatality (search for the clip) overshadowed KENTA & Jon Moxley announcing NJPW G1 intentions.

Not a great week for wrestling, so let’s hope better for this week! Thanks for reading!