WTF is a Wild Card Anyway?

Welcome back for another installment of the ODPH pro-wrestling recap! Vinny & the Coach are still working on their blogs so I’m filling in again! Let’s get this started:

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*RAW & Smackdown fell into the same issue: Misdirection. After doing the Superstar Shakeup a few weeks back, Vince has now instituted a “Wild-Card” rule to let 3..or 4…or?wrestlers from either Raw or Smackdown allowed to cross over shows for one night only. Raw welcomed Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & WWE Champ Kofi Kingston…which did lead to a great main event Wrestlemania rematch with Kofi defeating Bryan. Overall though, the new rule felt like a panic move to slumping ratings. If you can mix and match at will, why have 2 brands?

*The rest of the show didn’t really live up to that energy. The wrestlers FKA War Raiders dominated again, this time over the Raw Tag Champs of Ryder & Hawkins for a non-title win. Miz/Shane & Elias/Roman extended their feuds & I literally have no comment on wtf Mojo Rawley is supposed to be doing.

Flip it to SD Live, we have new SD tag champs: D-Bry & Rowan? After having an impromptu match with the Usos, the Captain Planets won the belts legitimately. Considering SD is sorely lacking in tag teams, maybe this will be the start of something. Tonihgt’s Wild-carders: Aj Styles & sami Zayn….who wound up in a triple threat with Kofi for the belt. Kofi won the match & now has defeated Bryan, Styles & Zayn in back-to-back nights. Not too shabby.

*Rest of SD Live went pretty stat quo. Ali vs Andrade had a viper crash it, which will have it’s payoff at MITB in 2 weeks. Shane & Miz did more cage match hype while the Sd women”s match built more for their MITB match….and there’s always more Firefly Fun House for everyone

*NXT had Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair, which was a great match. Sensing a takeover match on the horizon for those 2. However, the main event was the story of this show: Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole (Bay Bay). Great storytelling and Cole must have hit a few more finishers than usual but still came up short. During this melee, Roddy Strong tried helping but, in Cole’s eyes, costed him the match. Post match footage shows Roddy is ready to walk & TAKE MY MONEY NOW: COLE VS STRONG!

*AEW is rumored to have their TV deal locked up: Weekly show on the TNT network in the fall. Huge win for AEW, who’s only a short time away from their 1st pay-per-view. It was also announced that theyve added Jack Evans and Angelico from Lucha Underground fame to the roster. Once again: TAKE MY MONEYNOW: ANGELICO VS PAC!

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