NXT BROOKLYN 2019 by MIKE C. (HZ607)

Wrestlemania week is upon us! If you checked out the latest Wrestling Recap episode w/ george Gatton, you know it’s a huge week!. Our latest blog writer, Vinny broke down Sunday’s big event….but on this edition, our long time friend & NXT expert: MIKE C. from Horror Zone 607 stopped by to give his picks fo the NXT takeover card on Friday night. Take it away Mike:

NXT Takeover: New York by MIKE C

This weekend marks the most exciting weekend of the entire year, Wrestlemania.  But before the biggest show of the year, the WWE brings us NXT Takeover: New York, live from the Barclays Center.  Today I’m going to break down the entire card and give my predictions.

First up: NXT Tag Team Championship match: War Raiders (c) vs Aleister Black & Ricochet

As much as I love Black and Ricochet individually, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the two of them as a tag team.  That being said, anything involving War Raiders these days is gold.  I have a feeling this will be an outstanding tag team match filled with a ton of hard hitting action.  In the end, I see the champs retaining their titles.  I think we could also possibly see a tease of a breakup of the Black/Ricochet team after they are defeated.

Winners: War Raiders

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Io Shirai vs Bianca Belair vs Kairi Sane

Shayna Baszler has absolutely dominated the NXT Women’s division for the last year.  She has improved by leaps and bounds in the ring during that time and is easily one of the best heels in the entire company.  Io Shirai has dazzled the audience with her high flying and technical skills since she debuted at the Mae Young Classic last year.  Bianca Belair took Baszler to her limit at the last Takeover event and is back for a rematch.  Kairi Sane has been the champs arch rival since they battled in the finals of the first Mae Young Classic, and have even traded championship reigns.  

This one is a little tough to predict.  I don’t think any of these women have any business taking the title off Shayna, but I think there will be a title change here.  I do, however, believe either Io Shirai or Bianca Belair wins this match.  Because I must make a pick, I will choose Bianca Belair to walk out the new champion!

Winner and new champion: Bianca Belair

Match #3 is the highly anticipated match for the United Kingdom Championship. Pete Dunne (c) vs Walter

Pete Dunne is the longest reigning champion in the WWE in several decades.  He has held the U.K. Championship for nearly 700 days and has defeated everyone who has challenged him.  Next up for Dunne is the massive Austrian, Walter.  I can’t say I am the least bit impressed by Walter, but it seems he is being groomed to be the next big star in NXT UK right now.  Unfortunately, I do believe Pete Dunne’s historic reign as U.K. Champion will come to an end soon, but I think maybe we see him turn heel and retain the championship by disqualification.

Winner: Walter by DQ, but Pete Dunne retains the title

Match #4 is for the NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream (c) vs Matt Riddle

Expect this bout to be the match of the night!  Velveteen Dream has become possibly the most popular star in all of NXT and has consistently put on match of the year caliber performances.  Matt Riddle was one of the biggest free agent signings in NXT history and has had a meteoric rise in just a few short months.  This is another match that is very hard to choose a winner.  Despite only winning the North American Championships a few months ago, I do believe Matt Riddle becomes the new champion.  If this does happen, I expect Velveteen Dream to show up on Monday Night Raw the night after Wrestlemania.  

Winner and new champion: Matt Riddle

Finally, for the vacant NXT Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match: Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole

This is not the match we were supposed to have, but after the untimely neck injury to now former champion Tommaiso Ciampa resulted in the title being vacated, it is now the match we’re getting.  There’s a reason Johnny Gargano is nicknamed Johnny Takeover.  He is always great in the ring.  He is even better than great at the Takeover events.  

Adam Cole has done almost everything there is to do in NXT, except win the big one.  He has shown he will do whatever it takes to win.  With Ciampa out of action, Cole is now the top heel in the brand and will most definitely have the other members of Undisputed Era nearby in this match.  

If the North American Championship match doesn’t steal the show, then this match will.  We’re guaranteed to have a new NXT Champion when the dust settles.  Had Ciampa not gotten injured, I do believe Johnny Gargano would have walked out the new champion at Takeover: New York.  Now that the match has been changed, I have a feeling Adam Cole becomes a grand slam champion.

Winner and new NXT Champion: Adam Cole (Baybayyy)

So that’s the show.  What do you think of NXT Takeover: New York?  What do you think of my predictions?  Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to the ODPH podcast next week to get their reactions to this show, as well as Wrestlemania!

Thanks again Mike. Check out the #HZ607 podcast (located in the #607podcats section of the ODPH page)